My mom pushes me forward to do better”.

Story By Yenisel Salgado

My mom pushes me forward to do better” says Melissa Calixto, a 17 year old  raised in Brooklyn who admitted the biggest influence in her life is her mom. She looks up to her mom and hopes to make her proud sometime soon.                                  

The happiest moment in Melissa’s life was on November 29 when she had her sweet 16, where all her family and friends attended.

“I felt like a princess”she says “I wish I could go back to that day it was a really special and magical night and it’s only once in a lifetime”.

yenisel pic melissa

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Calixto


The most important person in Melissa’s life is her mom and her father,”because they are always there for me”  she says.

Melissa also has 3 important siblings in her life, her 3 brothers but she’s the only girl.

“Sometimes I feel annoyed because I don’t have anybody to talk to and sometimes they just annoy me”  Melissa said.

During Melissa’s free time she says she likes going to the park to play soccer with her friends. She also likes go to eating whenever she could with her friends or family.

Melissa is currently at West Brooklyn Community High School. She left her friends back at her old school to start a new beginning at a new school with more opportunities.

Throughout Melissa’s life, the biggest and most important lesson that she has learned has been to stop cutting school.

“Because [cutting] is not going to get me nowhere, my grades will get low , I’ll be dropping out and I will have no future for me and my family” she states.

Melissa, like many other students, wants to follow her academic dream of graduating and sees herself attending Brooklyn College in a few years.  She hopes that her dream of becoming a children’s nurse comes true. ▪