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What I Learned from Reading “Even When I Was Homeless I Stayed in School”

The story “Even When I Was Homeless I stayed in School”, made me think about how kids stop going to school even though they are “wealthy”. Wealthy meaning they have a home, family and other needs they don’t take full advantage of not in riches. There are kids that are not “wealthy” or they are kicked out of their homes for reasons like sexual abuse,sexual orientation,or gender identity. Some run away after years of physical abuse. This story made me realize how kids our age don’t take school as serious as they are supposed to even though we are “wealthy” by having the opportunity of  going school. Even though he does not have what we have, the author still managed to go to school.

Xavier Alvares was a kid that went to school just like us. He was in the middle of junior year, when one day he came home from school and his mom was kicking him out. He did not have a good relationship with his mom, so in his case it was due to a strained relationship with a parent. He also did not have a good relationship with his dad. A lot happened to him that year. He would go around trying to find a good and safe place to sleep, like a bench at a park or a walkway bridge over a freeway. Not even that stopped him from going to school, as long as he showered, he was fine. After a while,his friend talked to his parents about what was going on with Xavier. They took him in and let him stay there for about a month. No matter how bad things got, he always went to school and tried to take any chance he had to stay over at one of his friends. That way  he was able to take a shower and go to school.

In my opinion, in one point of our life we all do not care about school or do not go at all because we think it is not important. Other kids that don’t have money or that are not “wealthy” actually want to go to school so they can be someone in life. They will take any chance just to go to school.

I honestly never really liked school and I did not think it was important, so I did not show up. Reading about what happened to Xavier made me feel bad because kids our age don’t take the chance to study, while other kids want to be like us to come to school and learn. They can’t because they don’t have time and they need to work to maintain a family or whatever the case may be. But we really have to put ourselves in their shoes.

How would we will feel if we were in Xavier situation?  Would we start taking school more seriously or not?