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REVIEW: The Lion King

   For several weeks in my film class we been talking about how music plays an important role in movies. Music in movies always setting a mood and makes scenes more intense and interesting. Our journalism class along with other classes went on a trip to see The Lion King on Broadway. The musical incorporates several changes and additions to the storyline as compared to the film.

     From the costume design to choreography it was very interesting to see how the cast was able to mimic the animals from the original movie. Garth Fagan, the choreographer tossed in lots of styles in the play such as ballet, modern, jazz and hip-hop so that audiences could see a range of dancing. The cast, light designers, and set designers only had a few seconds to change to the next scene and perfect it Compared to the actual movie the editors can take their time perfecting a scene.

      As a child I watched the Lion King, almost every other day. My favorite part of the movie is when Rafiki encounters Simba and lets him know that Mufasa’s spirit lives on inside him. Later on Simba gets a visit from Mufasa’s spirit which tells him he must take his rightful place as king. This makes Simba realize that he can no longer run from his past, he must return to the Pridelands and rescue his family. Simba had to be reminded that he is a king and he has family and land to protect.

   The Lion King has a lot of message for both kids and adults but the one that stood out to me the most is you can keep running away from your past and let it haunt you forever or you can learn from it and move on. Simba ran away from his past because he was ashamed of who he was, there was a point in the movie where he had to confront his past and find the strength to move on.

   I recommend everyone to watch The Lion King. It has good soundtracks, great messages for kids and adults, overall it’s just a really good movie to watch. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.