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Your Vote DOES Matter!

We should vote every time elections come around.

The Youth (18-29 year olds) believe that their vote doesn’t count. We feel this way for many reasons. We believe our voices go unheard. What we don’t realize is that our vote CAN make a difference. If all 18-29 year olds that are eligible to vote come together and actually vote we would be able to change the outcome of the elections.

          Our vote does matter, not only for the Presidential elections but also for Local ones.Only 60% of the people who are eligible to vote, actually vote during the Presidential year . This is higher than the 40% who vote every midterm (local elections).


         I understand why most of us feel as if our votes don’t count because of the Electoral College system put in place by our Founding Fathers. It is such a hassle since we don’t actually vote directly for the president, but rather for the Elector who then cast their vote for the  Presidential candidates. However, during the Local elections our votes are very important because then we are voting for the actual person. This is the moment is when we are directly electing the person we choose. OUR vote has a lot of power and can most certainly influence the outcome of the election.

          We need to use the power and influence we have to decide the outcome. Nobody will help the young but the young. We must stop complaining and take action. Stop waiting for someone to help you and advocate for yourself. Give yourself a helping hand. If I could vote I would but unfortunately I can not. Therefore I urge you to make a difference because you have the power to do so.♦