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West Brooklyn Sports

West Brooklyn’s gym  has had many sports over the years. Some of these sports include Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball and many more great sports. However students at West Brooklyn don’t enjoy the sports that are offered. Students  want to play a different sport every time they enter the gymnasium. I decided to interview Grimaldy Ortiz (The school’s Gym Teacher) and Mercedes Cepeda-Lorenzo (The School Director) to get their opinions, thoughts and information about what can students at west Brooklyn do to bring more sports into the school’s gym.

Interview #1 Grimaldy

Adrian Blas :Is it hard being a physical education teacher?

Grimaldy Ortiz : It can have challenges but one of my challenges is depending on how big my class is or if my students decide to be lazy for my class.

A.B: How do you know what to teach the class everyday? And how do you know what they need to learn?

G.O: Well i make a plan of the activity or sport that i’m going to teach the class two weeks before we start playing the sport, basically i plan out the sport we will play in our class. But sometimes the lesson doesn’t come out as plan.

A.B: Is it very difficult to get the students to participate  in class when they don’t want to participate?

G.O: To be Honest yes it’s hard to get some of the students to participate in class, because either they don’t like the sport or the students are not used to playing new sports. But it takes time to get some students to get into the sports and participate.

A.B: What do you do when some students don’t want to participate in class?

G.O: If the student doesn’t want to participate i give that student two options. I either let them try out the sport to see if he/she likes it, or I let him/her go on the stage and go work out. But if the student fails to do any of these two things i’ll give him/her an automatic zero.

Interview #2 Mercedes

Adrian Blas: Out of all the sports West Brooklyn has had, why was Handball never a sport to be part of the gym or why didn’t the school build a handball court?

Mercedes Cepeda-Lorenzo: Well we never had enough space to make a handball court for the students to play in, but one main reason we never build a handball court is because the school staff needs the parking lot to get to school on time.

A.B: why do teachers think it’s important for the students to do The Pacer Test(Physical Education workout/training) every year?

MCL: It’s important for all our students to do the pacer test to determine where our students health is at, for example some of our students can have diabetes or he/she may be overweight and we may not notice it. So it’s Very important for all our students to do the pacer test.

A.B: What is one sport that the school doesn’t allow to be part of the gym?

MCL: Out of all the years i been here i never seen any students play Badminton because West Brooklyn never had the money for the equipment.

A.B: How could West Brooklyn get money for sport teams?

MCL: Well we either ask to the parents in the PTA Meetings if they would like to support us or the school would start with fundraisers to come up with the money that we need to start our sports teams.

A.B: Is it possible to have male and female sports teams?

MCL: In the begining West Brooklyn had a sport team for girls but we stop having team for girls because not many girls at our school are interested in playing sports or they’re just not into sports. But one of the biggest problems we ever had in having a girls sport team was that there wasn’t enough girls to have a sport team

After Interviewing both Mercedes and Grimaldy  i learned that it’s possible to have more sport teams at West Brooklyn, but The school would need to start a fundraiser or ask the students parents at PTA’s meetings for support.  In The meantime all the students can do is enjoy the sports the school offers until the money is collected.