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I Believe in Second Chances….Do You ?

“… for some paths you only have one shot to make it or break it…”

I believe heavily in second chances. Not only with forgiving someone or making it up to someone but all aspects of life where second chances are available. I came to believe in second chances because I feel no matter what it is, there is always a risk of messing up either relationships, job opportunities or dream career paths. Granted, for some paths you only have one shot to make it or break it, but that’s why I heavily believe in second chances. I feel in my life when I gave one thing a second chance, I wound up choosing my dream career .

I started boxing and trained for months, traveling from gym to gym sparring different people to get experience. I ended up fighting and winning my first fight and therefore winning the tournament. When my second fight came around I had lost not only the match, but I also lost all interest in boxing. I was down over the loss and thought it was the end of the world. However, when I came back around to the gym a couple of weeks later, I gave it a second chance. I trained harder and came back stronger . I noticed the bigger picture in life and it’s to chase my dream career.

“I trained harder and came back stronger.”

Wins always matter but when loses come around, you get back to training and competing or whatever it is to work towards your goal for a second chance to get better results. If everyone practices this or believes in second chances, I feel like doors would open for a lot of people. It would lead to better opportunities and give them a second chance to make things right in all aspects of their life. With second chances, people will be so much happier and in some way confident, determined, and ready to take risk because they have another chance to make it right. This is why I believe in second chances. ♦