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Drivers Ed


More schools should have Driver’s Education in New York City. Eventually people like me and I bet plenty of others will want a car. In order to drive you need a license. Who wants to walk place to place? So why not get knowledge of the road and driving tips in school, plus you will gain a credit so it’s like you’re taking a regular class with benefits.

In order to see if this is possible, I made a survey that shows how many kids in West Brooklyn High School have a driver’s license, with the help of my teacher. A lot of kids plan on getting their driver’s license like me but many don’t have their license, a few do about three out of twenty-seven got license.

It’s not like you will be missing class, it could be an elective in the school, and all you have to do is fit it into the school day. Plus you would gain a credit at the end of the cycle and you will be learning about the roads and signs to pass the driver’s end class. You will also learn the proper way to drive, practice for the driving test, and permit test. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. That’s my opinion of Drivers Ed and some agree with me.

Even my counselor Antonio Morales he gave a little response about the idea.

“I think it would be a good idea because students should benefit from being able to get their license. It might even motivate some to get a commercial license, and maybe be able to earn a credit, which makes it a better idea”.

Maybe next school year we can get this program started.