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Why Are There Only 6 Periods A Day At West Brooklyn?

Report by Jesus Moreno

Have you ever thought if West Brooklyn is a transfer credit recovery school then why are there only 6 periods a day? Like maybe some of us would like to leave already? Well I interviewed 3 people – The Principal(Gloria Rosario Wallace), Assistant Principal (Malik Lewis), and The Director (Jamie Mendoza Williams)  who may or may not have the answer to some of my questions.Now this reporter must go hunting!

The Interview with Jaime

Jesus Moreno: Did we ever have more classes at West Brooklyn?

Jaime Mendoza Williams:”To be honest I haven’t been here long enough to know this answer

JM: Ok next question did students ever start classes at 8 A.M instead of 9 A.M?

JMW: “Also another question I’m unsure of , But I do know Teachers start at 9 A.M and counselors start at 8 A.M”

JM: In the future will we ever have more periods?

JMW : “No I don’t think so”.

JM: Ok thank you for your time

JMW: “No problem anytime”.

*Walks out.*

Soooo….Jamie didn’t really know much cause it was his first year here at West Brooklyn.Oh well, right?On to the next one!


The Interview with Malik


schedule news jesus 1*Knocks on the Door

Jesus Moreno:Hey,is it okay if I can come in?

Malik Lewis: “Yeah,sure come in”.

JM: I would like to ask you some questions

ML: “Sure,What for?”

JM: Megan’s work {Newspaper}

ML: “Okay what’s the first question?”

JM: Okay here goes …. If we had more classes would we get more or less time in class?

ML: “I’d say Less time in class”.

JM: Why do you say less? Wouldn’t we learn more if we stayed longer? (please note:I would like to get out of school as soon as possible –  I wouldn’t want to stay any longer)

ML: “True,but as you can see Our teachers have contracts in which they work from 9A.M till 3:30P.M.”

JM: Okay thank you for your time that’s all questions I have for you.

So all my questions were answered.But I still wanted to interview Gloria. Since she’s the principal she must know a lot and could give me more information about why there are only 6 periods.


The Interview with Gloria

Gloria Rosario Wallace:”Oh Heyyyy I been waiting for you i thought you’d never show”?

Jesus Moreno: Yeah sorry I have this thing where I’m usually late sorry…So I wanted to ask you some questions if you wouldn’t mind.

GRW: “I don’t mind go ahead”.

JM: Okay here it goes…How long do teachers work?If it’s okay for you too answer”.

GRW: “No I don’t mind. Well teachers that work here have a contract. A contract in which they work 6 hours and 20 mins which is a standard contact.

JM: Why are there only 6 periods?

Gloria: Because students have certain amount of time to earn credits.But after school Teachers have 37 minutes to tutor students.During this time teachers get a bonus check for working over time.

JM: Okay thank you for your time that’s all questions I have for you.


In this experience I learned that schools have a complex system.The answers I was given were the ones I were looking for. I also learned that students  are just like teachers without the payment.My next steps would just be passing my classes because based on my research and interviews, I don’t think the periods are going to change.Sorry guy’s the only way is to just let time pass by and pass ALL your classes.And That’s my story 🙂